Schrödinger's Strings are one of a kind, in 3 different ways. They have managed to bring a new light to music, watch the name, because they will go far!!
Alex Callow, Landlord, Saracens, Hertford

Schrödinger's Strings are a brilliantly talented group of musicians who offer a refreshingly unique style of performance. I always enjoy watching them perform at our Heritage Foundation events where they are regular entertainers.
Vicki Michelle MBE, Actress

An extraordinary sonic experience, Schrödinger's Strings are a combination of hard rock, whimsy and delicacy. With the melodic lines of famous rock songs and infamous original numbers rendered on harps and a guitar, this truly is the music of the spheres.
Tom Hingley, Ex-Inspiral Carpets frontman

I have seen the Strings now on numerous occasions and they always put a smile on my face . Their choice of material is superb and the fact that two harps, a guitar and a voice is their total sound makes it all the better . I will certainly be booking them for JD's again.
Russ Dennett (Human League)

Great music presented in a completely unique and special way.
Chris Campbell, Landlord

A genuinely organic sound ... all in all an exciting combination that's strangely touching.
Dee Cutmore

An arch-angel on harp with her two demons ... cool cats you can't put in a box.
Kev Saunders, Hertfordshire promoter and musician

I first heard Schrödinger's Strings play in the garden of Hertford Museum as part of the Hertford Music Festival. I was amazed by their varied repertoire and the delightful sounds of the harps and vocals. The band then kindly played at my Charity Civic Dinner. Many of the guests had not heard the band play before and they were unanimously impressed.
Chantal Geall, Mayor of Hertford 2014/15

An old dusty museum isn’t exactly where you’d expect to find the fresh and exciting musical trio Schrödinger’s Strings; but as I’ve come to learn, this band is full of surprises. After being ushered into secluded room in Wardown Park Museum on Saturday I was greeted by two harps, one guitar and a top hat. This was my first introduction to the infamous ‘Schrodinger’s Strings’ and I was beginning to question what I got myself into, before the first chord was struck. Two hours passed in two minutes and I was lost in the enchanting harmonies and intricate nuances of tone.
Daytona Leonard, Music Journalist

Fabulous, absolutely amazing!
Edwina Currie