The inspiration and background to some of our songs.

The Lake


An instrumental written whilst camping at 3 Lakes in Westmill, Herts. It was a beautiful summer's day, blue skies and hardly any wind. A totally tranquil setting reflected in this relaxful tune.



A song about regrets; about not appreciating how good a relationship is until you've let it go.

Moving On


Challenging people's perceptions of life. It's about being non-judgemental. Just because you don't agree with someone's point of view does not mean that they are wrong.

Burns Inside


Written by Ed for his sister's wedding. A song about the mental indecision regarding making the ultimate commitment.

Devil's Garden


When a relationship turns really sour!



Many people believe that life is all about getting a 9-5 job, getting married and having children. This song reflects not fitting in with that pattern and instead living your own life according to what feels right for you.

The River


This instrumental takes us through the journey of a hypothetical river. Starting as a small stream, growing into a fast moving river then culminating in a waterfall before finally reaching the sea.



A nostalgic, humourous nod to people we've lost. Centred around Christmas but remembering the good times.

Forest Of Dreams


Written while on a working holiday in Elveden forest, a relaxed song about being completely contented and surrounded by nature.

Rings Of Faith


A song about making the ultimate and lifelong commitment and looking forward to spending the future together.

Run Away


A song about the emptiness you can feel when a relationship ends. The inability to escape from the negative feelings inside your head.



An inpromptu instrumental written whilst staying at a cabin in the woods. The drama in this piece reflects the nervousness of us having to sleep with the door unlocked.

Kesso Sonata


An instrumental that evolved from a random improvisation in A harmonic minor into a structured piece dedicated to Steve's love of cheese ("Kesso" being a phonetic rendering of the Spanish "Queso").

The album version of Kesso Sonata was a semi-finalist in the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest (instrumental category). Whether the cheese connection helped or hindered its chances is a matter of uncertainty.

Tune of Oldness


A meandering instrumental inspired by contemplation and reflecting on the course of one's life.