Steve Clear

Steve has been playing musical instruments of one kind or another for most of his life. He began with keyboard at around the age of three and this kept him occupied until he was fifteen, when he decided to teach himself guitar and bass. For the following couple of decades he mainly stuck with guitar, bass and keyboard, experimenting occasionally with harmonica, mandolin, violin and various other things capable of carrying a tune. He has been writing and performing his own compositions since he was ten.

He has performed in numerous bands over the years with styles ranging from rock, acoustic rock and metal to jazz, folk and psychedelic. In 1998 he played one of his own songs live on the radio station XFM as part of their "new voices" sessions (hosted by Ricky Gervais and Claire Sturgess). From 1998 to 2003 he performed regularly on the London acoustic circuit, as well as doing a couple of busking tours of mainland Europe.

At some point during the latter half of 2010 Steve met a musician in the pub who kindly offered to let Steve have a go on his harp. After being able to get a tune out of it straight away, Steve resolved to save up and buy one for himself. He purchased his first harp in February 2011 and taught himself how to play it to a performance standard within a few months. He still plays guitar, bass and keyboard from time to time, but these days the harp tends to get most of his attention.

"Throughout my years of performing music pre-harp, I never imagined I'd end up in a rock band with two harpists, let alone that I'd actually be one of the harpists! It's great fun playing with Schrödinger's Strings - we all really enjoy playing together and I think that shows in the performances."