Carol Walker

Born in Sheffield in 1976, Carol began playing her father's piano and organ for fun when she was six years old. At 16, Carol achieved her GCSE in music, playing "Whiter Shade of Pale" on the organ. Taking some time out from formal musical education, Carol focused her academic studies on science all the way through to PhD level, but always had several instruments in the house and continued to play for fun throughout. After graduating, Carol returned to formally study classical piano for several years, before discovering the harp.

In 2008, at the age of 32, Carol met Steve via a video club but it turns out they had more in common than just video and film! They started jamming together on the piano anything from Tchaikovsky through Star Wars theme and Tim Burton numbers! But when Steve arrived home one day with what turned out to be just his "first" harp, Carol also had a play and was equally hooked from the first tune and not long afterwards, purchased her very own harp as well!